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Trade Secrets: How to Craft Bullet Points Like a Superstar Copywriter

The secret to writing successful bullet points

They’re one of the most powerful writing tricks you have at your disposal.

They can transform your blog posts from sterile, weak and lifeless copy into high-impact content that everyone wants to read and share.

But do you know how to exploit bullet points to their full potential?

Learn how superstar bloggers and writers turn boring, everyday vertical lists into super-charged bullet points that leap off the page.

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The Silly Sales Point Copywriters Too Often Make on Their Website

Uncle Sam telling you why you need a copywriter

You’d think professional copywriters would know better. But no – you see this same stupid selling point time and time again on their websites.

If you’re making the same mistake it could be costing you business.

But what exactly is it?

Read on to find out more.

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5 Non-Existent Words That Make YOU Look a Halfwit Copywriter

Halfwit copywriter looking befuddled

Every copywriter and blogger is guilty of the occasional spelling or grammar blunder. And they usually get away with it.

But then there are those mistakes that’ll make you and your clients look like total dimwits.

In this post, you’ll discover five commonly misused words or phrases that can leave any writer with egg on their face – because they don’t actually exist.

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