The Silly Sales Point Copywriters Too Often Make on Their Website

Uncle Sam telling you why you need a copywriterIt’s the type of thing you see on loads of copywriter websites.

In fact, it’s often the primary focus of the content on their home page.

What am I talking about?

Well, it’s that same stupid ubiquitous sales point that’s not only totally pointless but also something your prospective customers get sick of seeing on practically every other writer website.

And that is telling your visitors why they need a copywriter.

I’m sure you’re familiar with it or at least know what I mean. And it usually looks something like this:

Why you need a copywriter

   Attract more visitors with professionally crafted SEO content
   Boost sales with clear, compelling and persuasive copy that gets results
   Save time and focus on the things that you do best
   Get a fresh outside perspective and new ideas

Now, you may be thinking that these are all perfectly good reasons why someone should hire a copywriter.

And you’d be right.

But does that mean you should be selling these benefits on your website? I think you already know that my answer is No! No! No!

So why the hell not?

Well, what you need to do is think about it in the following two ways:

1. You’re Already Preaching to the Converted

You’d surely hope that the reason your prospective customer found your site was that they were looking for a content writer in the first place.

And if they were already looking for one then quite clearly they already knew why they actually needed a copywriter for crying out loud.

So why on earth would you waste your visitor’s valuable time by explaining why they need a copywriter when they already know? In other words, all you’re doing is just preaching to the converted.

2. Your Visitor Already Wants a Copywriter

As I say, in all likelihood your prospect has already decided they want to hire somebody. So instead of focusing on why they need a copywriter, you really should be convincing them as to why they need you.

Your potential customers will usually check out several websites before they make contact with any one writer in particular.

And what they need to know is what the very distinct reasons are for hiring you.

Get it?

So how do you do this?

Perhaps the easiest way is to highlight any fields that you specialise in. For example, if you write bucketloads of stuff on personal finance then say so.

You might be tempted to think that this is limiting your options. But you’ll invariably find that positioning yourself as first port of call for one specific type of copywriting is infinitely better than being a generalist, who’s never the obvious choice for any type of writing at all.

But you don’t necessarily have to focus on a niche in order to make your proposition stand out.

Let’s take another quick look at the first two selling points from the fictional example I gave you earlier:

Why you need a copywriter

   Attract more visitors with professionally crafted SEO content
   Boost sales with clear, compelling and persuasive copy that gets results

Well, you can still make both of the two sales points above, as long as you show how you’re different or better at the same time.

Here’s how you do it:

  • Say how or why you can attract more visitors with your professionally crafted content
  • Explain how or why you can boost sales with your clear, compelling and persuasive copy

Now doesn’t this sound more like it to you?

If so, then start thinking about how you can make your own offering stand out right now.

How do you make your website stand out from the crowd? Are you still trying to identify your own unique selling proposition? Please let us know by adding your views to our comment section below.

In our next post: 5 good reasons why rookie bloggers should only be posting once a month.

Blogger ProfileAbout the Author

Kevin Carlton of Write Online is a freelance SEO copywriter and blogger based in Stafford in the UK. He is owner of website copywriting service Write Online, which helps others get the most out of their online presence.

You can follow him on Twitter or connect with him on LinkedIn.


8 comments on “The Silly Sales Point Copywriters Too Often Make on Their Website

  1. Excellent post, Kevin. I think a big reason a lot of copywriters include the “Why You Need a Copywriter” section on their site is because they haven’t narrowed down their target audience to those who already want one. Instead, they’re trying to cast a wider net by including those who need to be convinced of the value of a copywriter in the first place.

    I’m currently rebuilding my professional website and even though it’s still under construction, it’s very targeted to those who already know that they need a writer. I just want to convince them that they need me in particular.

    Again, good post.
    Erica recently posted…How this Little Ducky Went Freelance: Part 3My Profile

    • Too right, Erica. Take your time to get your website message right.

      And if you stick to your focus of convincing prospects why they need you in particular then enquiries will come.

      What’s more, people who already want a writer are much more inclined to pay the going rate than someone who needs convincing that they need the service in the first place.

    • Love your analogy Peter. It really helps to get the message across.

      Of course, the point applies across the board, whether you’re trying to sell yourself as a copywriter, solicitor, computer supplier, PR practitioner or whatever.

      But, for some reason, copywriters fall into this trap more than most – almost as if they feel they need to justify their existence.

  2. I shall be spending some time tomorrow checking my site to make sure I haven’t done this! Great post that got me thinking.

    I try to create standout with my tone of voice and the hopefully witty approach I take. Some people love it, some hate it I’m sure. But so far so good!

    • I’ve come across your brill website before, Kate, but I’ve just checked it out again.

      I love the style, love the features and love the branding. As you say, this really helps you to stand out.

      But, yep, why not review your content again anyway.

      Because if you can spell out what’s different about yourself in your actual copy then so much the better.

    • Thanks for your input Crystalee.

      If ever you get the chance, please let me know what specific sales angles you come up with for your own copywriting business.

      And perhaps you could even write about how you arrived at your own USP in a future post on your blog

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